Perthera AIThe Therapeutic Intelligence Engine and the Eight ICESA Databases

Perthera AI™ is Perthera’s unique and advanced Artificial Intelligence System. Perthera AI comprises Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine™ and its eight ICESA™ Databases.

The Therapeutic Intelligence Engine and its ICESA Databases integrate the patient’s multi-omic cell architecture and treatment history with Perthera patients’ outcomes data and the most comprehensive, up-to-date data on cancer science, guidelines and therapies to generate the Perthera Report™. Every Perthera Report is assessed and approved by our every-patient, real-time physician and scientific tumor board before it is sent off to the ordering physician.

The Therapeutic Intelligence Engine and 8 ICESA Databases

Journals and Databases
Clinical Trials

Perthera’s eight ICESA Databases include years of collected published patient data, outcomes data, drug data, molecular data, variant data, clinical trials data, guidelines and other pertinent oncology data.  Perthera’s cancer ICESA Databases contain millions of data points and provide the most up to date oncology information available.

Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine runs continuously assuring it, the Perthera ICESA Databases and most important, the ranked therapeutic options for each Perthera Report patient are always immediately up to date and the most accurate.  Perthera’s methodology affords patients using the Perthera Report increased, ranked treatment options. Therefore, the Perthera Report presents the potential for higher survival rates than other approaches currently available.