Sam Leslie, Ph.D. - Perthera, Inc.

Team Member

Director, Software Engineering and IT

Dr. Samuel Leslie leads the Perthera development team which designs, creates, and maintains all of Perthera’s technology and data systems. He has more than 20 years experience in software development and IT systems design in all sizes of enterprises, from small startups and large multinational corporations.  He has worked to create and support enterprise applications, high volume transaction management applications, and ETL systems on both cloud and physical platforms. He has experience in the management and analysis of real time data, including developing and enhancing both production and ad­-hoc programs that require efficient operation against large amounts of data.

Prior to joining Perthera, Dr. Leslie was a Senior IT Architect in the IBM Cloud Marketplace Team where he lead several different agile development squads.  He was the architect and lead of the API squad tasked with design and development of RESTful APIs to support the IBM Universal Cloud Marketplace.  He was the architect and lead for the Bluemix Runtime squad responsible for integrating runtime engines in the Bluemix PAAS system.  He was also the architect and primary developer for the KVM image migration in the IBM Smartcloud Application environment.

Dr. Leslie has a PhD in Zoology from the University of California Davis.