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Perthera Precision Medicine is a combination of Perthera A.I. and Perthera’s Cancer Care Team.  The physician sends Perthera the signed order form for the Perthera Report, and may schedule their patient for a biopsy.

Once the signed order form is received, Perthera Precision Medicine takes over to make sure that the entire process from tumor testing through Perthera Report delivery is easy and stress-free for the physician, the hospital and the patient.

Perthera Precision Medicine is turn-key (scaled and implementable immediately), end-to-end (Perthera manages all stages), time and cost effective, having capabilities and benefits well beyond simple precision medicine.

With Perthera Precision Medicine we are able to create The Perthera Report, which provides cancer patients with precisely matched therapeutic options ranked for the highest probability of best outcome. With the Perthera Report’s therapeutic recommendations, physicians can treat their patients with medications that target the specific biomarkers associated with their patient’s unique cancer.

Therapeutic Intelligence for Precision Medicine

1. Patient Coordination

Perthera Platform & Services De-burdens Staff

  • De-burden Clinical Staff of heavy lifting
  • Capture/organize Multi-omic Testing & Data
  • Patient Medical & Treatment History all integrated
  • Creates Multi-dimensional view of Tumor

2. Therapeutic Intelligence Engine

Proprietary Platform & Molecular Tumor Board

  • Advances Decision Making with powerful Data
  • Integrates Care Guidelines & Clinical Trials
  • Creates Expert Molecular Tumor BOD for ALL Patients
  • Expert kept in the loop

3. The Report “Powered by Perthera”

Report: Precise Therapy Analysis

  • Outlining Patient-matched Therapeutic Options
  • Assess and Detail Ranked Options with All Data at hand
  • Precisely matches Clinical Trials, Therapies, Services

4. Capture Services & Revenues

Revenues & Services Captured

  • Platform connects Patients to Trials, Specialty Pharmacy, Services
  • Minimizes Patient Leakage
  • Positive, Quantified Financial Impact for Hospitals


5. Clinical Trial Enrollment & Outcomes

Outcomes Tracked & Delivered

  • Patient Outcomes tracked longitudinally
  • Perthera delivers Bio-Informatics to advance: Clinical Trial Enrollment, Payer/Payment Levels
  • Grant Capture/Reporting, Marketing