Perthera for Patients

Perthera’s Precision Oncology Platform to advance your care.

What is Perthera?

What Will Perthera Do for Me?

Proven in numerous clinical studies to advance patients’ overall & progression-free survival

  • Treatment options are precisely matched to you, your molecular profile, and treatment history
  • Ranked therapy options provided at no cost
  • Simple & concise Report delivered to help guide your medical decision making

  • Sign the consent, and Perthera does the rest!
  • We coordinate the entire process once the simple, one-page consent is completed
  • Lab testing is seamlessly coordinated, and our Report delivered within 2 days of the results

  • Clinical trials have been proven to dramatically extend patient survival rates
  • Perthera’s Report precisely matches patients to treatments and clinical trials to support your doctor’s medical decision making and your care pathway
  • Recommendations are personalized for your location and tumor profile for precise matching to the best treatments and trials for you

  • Perthera tracks and captures your improved outcomes to advance cancer care for all patients across the country through research and publications
How Do I Get Started?

Advance your care at no cost to you!

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