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Perthera AI is Perthera’s unique and advanced Artificial Intelligence System that comprises Perthera’s Therapeutic Intelligence Engine.

The Therapeutic Intelligence Engine integrates the patient’s multi-omic cell architecture and treatment history with Perthera patients’ outcomes data and the most comprehensive, up-to-date data on cancer science, guidelines and therapies to generate the Perthera Report. Every Perthera Report is assessed and approved by our every-patient, real-time physician and scientific tumor board before it is sent off to the ordering physician.

IRB-Approved Data Collection

IRB Registry Allows Collection Of:

  • Patient Medical History
  • Molecular Diagnostic Data
  • Expert Debate
  • Patient Tissue Samples
  • Patient Treatment History
  • Patient Outcomes

10 Cancer Databases


  • 2,800 Mutations
  • 1,700 Clinical Trials
  • Nearly 1,000 Drugs
  • 450 Journals & Clinical Guidelines
  • Real-time Monitoring & Updates

Multi-omic Matching Algorithms

  • Precisely Matched Therapies Along 6 Dimensions
  • 5,000 Heuristic Rules
  • Proprietary Multi-dimensional Capabilities
  • 7 Patents Awarded / In-Progress