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Patients no longer have to rely on nonspecific, “one size fits all” treatment options.

Every patient is a unique individual, and Perthera recognizes that a patient’s cancer is just as unique as they are. Perthera’s Precision Medicine Platform has the potential to bring highly effective therapies and high-value care to patients.

With the Perthera Platform, which generates the Perthera Report, patients and their oncologists can consider options that are matched precisely based on molecular data (DNA, RNA, Protein etc.), medical and treatment history.

Tailoring medical treatment to the patient’s distinct genetic characteristics can identify the best course of treatment and may even avoid or reduce adverse drug reactions along with the toxic effects of therapies that may not be necessary.

With the Perthera Precision Medicine Platform, patients will have access to:

  • An assigned Clinical Coordinator to serve as a point of contact throughout the Perthera process
  • Precise treatment matching using Perthera’s Precision Oncology Platform
  • Clinical trial matching, which takes into account both eligibility criteria and geographical distance from the patient’s primary treatment center
  • Case review by Perthera’s every-patient real-time expert medical and scientific tumor board
  • Follow-up after the Perthera Report is delivered in order to record progress and improve the Perthera Platform for future patients