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Every patient is a unique individual, and Perthera recognizes that a patient’s cancer is just as unique as they are. Perthera’s Precision Medicine Management has the potential to bring highly effective therapies and high-value care to patients; it can also lower the overall cost of treating many different types of cancer.

Patients no longer have to rely on nonspecific, one size fits all, recommendations.  The oncology patient is no longer “a male in his 50’s whose biopsy reveals non–small-cell lung cancer” and offered a treatment that only about 10% of patients respond to, with a negligible survival benefit and significant side effects.

Tailoring medical treatment to the patient’s distinct genetic characteristics can identify the best course of treatment and may even avoid or reduce adverse drug reactions along with the toxic effects of therapies that may not be necessary.

  • A Perthera Coordinator is assigned to every patient to guide them through Perthera’s process
  • Medical and Treatment History is obtained for every patient
  • The patient’s cancer is identified down to the molecular level
  • All information is run against Perthera’s Computational Engine
  • Every patient’s case is reviewed by Perthera’s every-patient real-time expert medical and scientific tumor board – Perthera’s tumor board assesses and approves the Perthera Report before it is delivered to the physician
  • The Perthera Report offers more options for better outcomes
  • Every patient is followed up on, and outcomes are submitted to Perthera’s Computational Engine