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Turn-Key, End-to-End, Cost and Clinically Effective


Perthera provides hospitals with a comprehensive and scalable precision medicine program to help keep those patients who are diagnosed with cancer under your care and in treatment at your facility. The Perthera Report identifies the best treatment options for patients including standard of care, clinical trials, and off-label therapies that are available at your hospital.

Maximize Enrollment

Use the Perthera Report to Maximize Clinical Trial Enrollment at Hospital Run Trials

New Opportunities

Use the Perthera Report to Identify New Clinical Trials for Your Hospital

Comprehensive Approach

Use the Perthera Report for Second and Third Opinions


Perthera Precision Medicine data drives publications, presentations, and grants for Perthera Partners

Perthera partners with cancer centers, physicians, and advocacy groups to produce research projects and expand research opportunities. Perthera’s IRB allows us to collect outcomes data on a monthly basis.  The Perthera’s Computational Engine databases are designed to be shared with our partners to support research and create publishing opportunities.

Perthera Report is a  Strong Fit and Tool for Value-Based Medicine.

A recent movement in healthcare has focused on the importance of Value-Based Medicine (VBM).  Value Base Medicine is defined as the practice of medicine incorporating the highest level of evidence-based data with the patient-perceived value given by healthcare interventions for the resources expended.  VBM incentivizes hospitals to focus on better outcomes and lower spending by taking into account the best evidence and patient value based data.  VBM success is measured by the quality and length of life for a patient.

The Perthera Report is uniquely designed to help cancer centers such as yours improve their VBM performance because the Perthera Report purpose is to improve outcomes using the highest level of evidence combined with patient-focused value for resources expended.