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While all physicians recognize the value of precision medicine and widely agree it is needed for the care of their patients, they often find that there are significant barriers in implementing precision medicine within their practice or hospital.

Perthera makes it easy to implement a turn-key precision medicine platform in hospitals or physician practices to aid oncologists by matching cancer patients to optimal treatment options for their specific tumor profiles.

The Perthera Precision Medicine Platform has been utilized across 250 cancer treatment centers and by over 10% of oncologists across the US to advance their patient care, and provides physicians and their clinical staff with the following benefits:

  • Clinical coordination of molecular profiling
  • Molecular Tumor Board review of every patient’s case
  • A comprehensive clinical analysis to support treatment decision making for patient care
  • Clinical trial matching for patients
  • Outcomes tracking and data analysis to evaluate patients longitudinally
  • Publication opportunities

Figure: Patients who received highly ranked, matched treatment recommendations through the Perthera Platform lived significantly longer than patients who were not treated with matched treatment recommendations (Pishvaian et al. Lancet Oncology 2020)

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to Advance Clinical Research in High Impact Journals

The Platform’s utility has been published in high impact journals, such as The Lancet Oncology and the American Association of Clinical Research Journal, to significantly improve patient survival rates and advance clinical research and publication efforts for physicians.

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