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Our Mission

Improving patient outcomes through A.I. and data-driven cancer therapy recommendations for any patient, anywhere.

Our Story

Seven years ago a team of oncology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and computational experts from the National Cancer Institute, prestigious hospitals, and universities were gathered to create a company that would move beyond the promise of precision medicine.  This team understood that genomic testing alone would provide only one piece of a very complex puzzle.  They knew that for the patient to truly benefit, many more factors would need to be taken into account and combined to give a complete picture of the patient, their cancer, and the therapies that would provide for the most optimal outcome.  Factors that were not being considered or reported in standard testing lab reports alone.

The result of their efforts is Perthera, Inc., and the revolutionary product is the Perthera Precision Oncology Platform which produces the Perthera Report.

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